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On-Going - Commemorative Tree & Bench Program

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Have you ever known someone who meant so much to you and you wanted to do something really special for them—something that is lasting and honors their life in a meaningful way? Perhaps it was a loving parent, a teacher who guided and inspired you or many, or a community mentor who was an active soldier for a cause.

In answer to this question, the Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation Department is pleased to launch its Commemorative Tree and Bench Program. Through this program, the donation of trees and benches to its park system can serve to honor someone special in a loving and thoughtful way. It can also commemorate a special occasion like the birth of a child, someone's graduation, public service, an anniversary, milestone birthdays, a marriage, to name a few.

This program will also serve to increase the city's much needed tree canopy. The benefits of trees are many, from providing shade from the hot sun, to cleaning our air, to providing recreation as a natural world play-station for developing motor skills, to improving property value in neighborhoods, and in some cases providing habitat for a wide variety of birds and other wildlife.

The department invites anyone who wishes to celebrate a special occasion or to remember someone to do so with a park bench or tree in their honor. The department will be happy to work with donors on the selection of options available along with planting and installation. It has many parks throughout the city available for donors to select from for this purpose. A plaque with the name of a loved one can also be made and installed.

To learn more about the program, please visit www.ccparkandrec.com (click ‘Parks & Development') or contact Stacie Talbert at 361-826-PLAY (7529), or send an email to StacieT@cctexas.com .