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Over 1,000 Firearms Stolen in Corpus Christi Last Year

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Police say that nearly 1,100 guns were reported stolen in the city of Corpus Christi last year alone -- a scary statistic for gun owners and potential victims of gun-related crime.

According to police, gun owners need to do a better job of keeping their guns safe and out of the hands of criminals.

Corpus Christi police say that stolen weapon reports are passed on to national databases so that any law enforcement agency can check to see if weapons they come across are the same ones that are stolen. According to a report, in March of last year, a weapon that was stolen from a vehicle was used in two robberies and a burglary before it had even been reported stolen to police.

Carla Avery, a Flour Bluff resident, said her father's guns were stolen from their apartment just a month ago.

"I came home somewhere in the middle of December and the door was unlocked," Avery said. "$30,000 worth of guns and ammo were stolen. $30,000."

Avery said that several thousand dollars in cash stored next to the stolen weapons went untouched, as well as a bag of cartridges. The weapons were passed through a window during the robbery.

Police said almost 40-percent of the weapons stolen last year were entered into those databases without a serial number because owners failed to keep those records; but Avery said her family does not keep all their weapons in one place.
"We reported five guns missing total," Avery said. "Of course, we didn't have all of our guns here because we're not stupid."

Also according to police, 16-percent of the more than 1,000 weapons that were stolen were taken from vehicles that were burglarized, so no one place is safe. Officers say to keep your weapons locked up when you are not at home, and save all of your documentation in case of theft.

Police also wanted to remind anyone who carries weapons in their vehicle that they must obtain a concealed handgun license.