Better Business Bureau Warns of Cell Phone "Cramming" Scam - South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

Better Business Bureau Warns of Cell Phone "Cramming" Scam

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A new scam is going around that could cost cell phone users quite a bit of money on their monthly bills. It's called a "cramming" scam.

According to the Better Business Bureau, it begins with a call to your cell phone from an unknown area code. The caller hangs up after one or two rings, and then the problem begins when you call the number back.

"An instant $19 charge onto your phone bill for an international call," said Tracy Bracy of the Better Business Bureau. "During the call, you'll hear music or an advertisement, but each minute you stay on that call, you'll get charged another $9 per minute."

The Better Business Bureau said it is important to make sure everyone on your family plan knows about the scam. Also immediately check your bill to contest any charges.