Crews Dispatched to Fix Gas Leak Caused by Plumbing Company - South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

Crews Dispatched to Fix Gas Leak Caused by Plumbing Company

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Emergency crews rushed into action after a gas leak was discovered at around 10 a.m. Thursday near the newly constructed Shops at La Palmera on Staples and McArdle.

A crew with a plumbing company was doing work near the new Dick's Sporting Goods when store when City officials say they struck a gas line.

Officers closed down traffic at Staples and McArdle for some time as crews worked to cap the leak. Traffic near SPID and Staples was also shut down for a brief time so crews could reach a valve to shut off gas to that pipe.

A spokesperson with the City said the line is now repaired and everything is back to normal.

Many times, 911 is used to report gas leaks; but there's actually another number that should be called before any digging ever takes place -- 811.

City officials will be looking into whether the plumbing company responsible for the leak called 811 before it began digging. If no one did, the Railroad Commission could fine them up to $10,000.

Officials say it does not matter whether you're ripping up the earth as part of a construction project or simply digging a hole for a tree. You are supposed to call 811. When you do that, it will get your underground utility lines marked for free.

Here in the state of Texas, you need to do that 48 hours before you start work. You will be given a ticket number by the call center, and you need to hold onto that because that is your proof you called.

A damage report is supposed to be filed for Thursday's incident. That has to happen within 10 working days.