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Nueces County Hits Resistance in Kleberg County Land Acquisition

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Kleberg County has decided it wants input from its citizens before deciding whether to empower Nueces County to buy a piece of land from the state on North Padre Island.

The land in question is technically in Kleberg County. Nueces County officials were hoping that their plans to turn the land into a beach park would be easily approved by Kleberg County, but that's not how it worked out on Monday.

Nueces County Commissioner Joe McComb has taken the lead on this project, and on Monday, he made a presentation to the Kleberg County Commissioners Court, but ran into some heavy resistance from the commissioners.

The Kleberg County commissioners are not yet persuaded about this acquisition project. It's all about nearly 3,700 acres of land along the northern boundary of Kleberg County on Padre Island.

Commissioner McComb has described the area as a "no man's land" that is in need of maintenance and law enforcement. Nueces County, with the financial assistance of the private organization the Ed Rachal Foundation, wants to buy the land from the state, but in order to do so, it needs to the blessing of Kleberg County.

If that deal isn't completed, the land will likely fall into the hands of the Padre Island National Seashore, and beach access will be restricted. McComb is concerned that the clock is ticking, and if Kleberg doesn't allow Nueces to buy the land from the state, the public will lose access to that beach area.

A workshop has been scheduled so that all of the commissioners can be present and the public can give their input as well. That workshop is scheduled for Thursday, April 10, at 5:30 p.m.