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Local Navigators Helping People Meet Obamacare Deadline

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Midnight is the deadline to sign up for the government's Affordable Care Act, and as you can imagine, places signing up people in time for the deadline were busy Monday.

Those who are uninsured could face a tax penalty if they don't sign up in time.

"We're just fielding a lot of calls and giving people information about what they need to apply," said Paula Beaton-Forbus, lead navigator for the Health Insurance Marketplace. "They need to apply today, because so many people are on the website and calling to the call center, they can't get through; but as long as people start today, they will be in line and can keep doing their application enrollment in the next few days."

If you begin the sign up process before midnight, you will have the next few days to finish that process without being penalized. To do so online, go to healthcare.gov.