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Child with Rare Disease in Need of Service Dog

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It's a rare disease that only four known people in the world have, and one of those four is a little girl living in Corpus Christi.

Her parents are asking for help to get her a service dog.

Madison may look like any other four-year old little girl, but just this past week, she was diagnosed with an extremely rare disease called glycogen storage disease.

Glycogen storage disease, or GSD, is a rare genetic disease and is caused by the types of mutations in her DNA. Madison is one of four people in the entire world with the those mutations.

GSD is a metabolic disease that affects her sugar and liver levels.

"They can drop extremely fast out of nowhere, especially overnight," said Amanda Sanchez, Madison's mother. "We have to watch her. Check her sugar first thing in the morning."

The family has to monitor Madison's sugar hourly and keep her on a strict diet with no sugars. Her mother stays at home to keep a close eye on her at all times, but since she cannot always be around, the family is looking to get some help with a service dog to help monitor Madison's sugar levels.

"The dogs are trained to sniff out the samples and sniff out lows," Amanda Sanchez said. "They can let you know before you hit out the low."

The dog will cost the family anywhere from $20,000-30,000, all out of their own pockets.

"What Madison has is something new to genetics," said Steve Sanchez, Madison's father. "They don't know what the future holds. They don't know what will come from these types of mutations because this is new as well."

Currently there is no cure for GSD. All you can do is control the disease. The family is hoping that they can raise enough money to get Madison a service dog.

If you would like to help the Sanchez family, you can make a donation to an account at Kleberg Bank. The account number is 15140452.