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First United Methodist Church of Taft Broken Into, Looted

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TAFT (Kiii News) -

A 100-year old church in Taft was dealing with more than its share of misfortune Friday after a thieves broke into the church sometime in the last 24 hours.

The First United Methodist Church of Taft is even considering closing its doors for good due to a lack of funds, because the thieves who broke in looted the entire building.

The folks at the church said the church doesn't have a lot, and some of the few things of value they do have were taken. And the timing couldn't be worse.

"Good Friday. Easter weekend. Right as we are on the verge of making a huge decision to very likely close the doors forever, you know," Church Finance Chair Scarlett Davis said. "And ironically we're having to close the doors because we don't have the funds and then the few things of value being taken."

"I can't believe they did this to the church. Golly, and it was on Good Friday, you know?" custodian Florentina Martinez said. "All these Easter things going on and, I work here for 17 years and I have never seen this before."

It was around 6:20 a.m. when the custodian discovered the church had been broken into. All of the offices in the church were targeted, with doors and windows broken and a safe broken into; but there was no cash inside. A projector and laptop setup, and a wireless microphone, were all stolen.

The chairman of the church board also happens to be County Attorney David Aken.

"There have always been people who value money over faith, and our church was attacked by some of those people," Aken said. "Smarter people than you are hunting for you right now. They're going to find you."

The finance chair, Scarlett Davis, is taking a more forgiving approach, saying all she can do is turn the other cheek and pray for the people that did this. She said every cloud has a silver lining.

Meanwhile, they will still be having their Easter service this Sunday, and if you have any information about the robbery, you are asked to contact the church at 361-813-9107 or the Taft Police Department at 361-533-2081.