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DNA test: Remains not those of al Qaeda operatives after airstrikes in Yemen

By Paul Cruickshank, Mohammed Jamjoom and Nic Robertson

(CNN) -- The remains of a Saudi national killed in airstrikes in Yemen earlier this month are not those of a wanted Al Qaeda bomb maker, said multiple sources in Saudi Arabia, who were breifed on the matter.

DNA tests conducted by Saudi officials on remains from the strikes showed that they were not those of Ibrahim al Asiri, they said.

Saudi officials had obtained a close match to Asiri's DNA via remains of his deceased brother, who died in a failed suicide bomb attack. The brother had carried a bomb inside his body, which killed him upon detonation but failed to hit his intended target, Saudi Arabia's security chief.

The sources said that the results were also negative for a DNA match to Nasser al Wuhayshi, believed to be head of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Pennisula (AQAP).
 CNN's Richard Griffiths contributed to this report
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