Man Surrenders to CCPD SWAT Team After Morning Standoff - South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

Man Surrenders to CCPD SWAT Team After Morning Standoff

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CORPUS CHRISTI (Kiii News) - The Corpus Christi Police Department's SWAT team began a standoff with a man at around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday at a home on 11th Street near Brownlee and McKinzie.

The 27-year old man allegedly got into a fight with his girlfriend. Police said he then threatened to go outside and start shooting people. After nearly two hours of negotiating, police managed to arrest him without anyone getting hurt. That man is now going through a mental evaluation.

A family member said 27-year old John Erik Lopez was the man seen being led out of his 11th Street home at around noon. He had been holed up in his upstairs bedroom for several hours.

SWAT Commander Dave Cook said Lopez may have been drinking and doing drugs, and that he was threatening suicide and maybe more.

"He was just very upset. He was threatening suicide," Cook said. "He had made some threats on Facebook to 'go out gangster, blasting,' because he was not happy that the officers were in his house. So you know, we weren't going away."

Those who knew Lopez urged him to give himself up.

The streets around the home were blocked off by police during the standoff. There was at least one sniper in place directly across from the man's home. Also, family members were on the scene as a police negotiated with the man through his cell phone. Everyone from the neighborhood was watching the drama play out in front of their homes.

"This neighborhood is going down the drain. It's terrible," neighborhood resident Linda Abrego said. "I've lived here for over 30 years and there's always some kind of commotion going on."

Abrego lives across the street from where the standoff took place. She said that over the past few years, she's had to put burglar bars up around her house and also has a fence that encloses her entire yard -- that's because of all the crime going on in the neighborhood.

Just down the street a few weeks back, a convenience store owner was murdered inside his store at Brownlee and Ayers. Then, near Brownlee on Staples, there was another deadly shooting last September where a convenience store owner was charged with killing a man in his store.

Despite all that, Abrego says she still plans on staying in the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, police say they have taken Lopez to the hospital for a mental evaluation, and then they will eventually sort out the charges that he will be facing.