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Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department Buys Brand New Equipment

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JIM WELLS COUNTY (Kiii News) - The Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department announced Tuesday that they have just purchased more than $20,000 worth of surveillance cameras -- extra sets of eyes for officers and jailers that are hard at work.

"It comes in very handy for our criminal investigations division who might be investigating either an altercation that occurred at the jail, or if we have someone that comes into the office that may be irate," Assistant Chief Luis Valadez said. "Everything's always videotaped or recorded."

There are some 34 new high definition cameras that have been installed in and around the jail and the Sheriff's Department. They are also upgrading the GPS satellite devices in their county vehicles.

"This system, we actually create a geo-fence around the problematic areas and every time a unit enters, as soon as a unit enters, it sends me an email," Captain Joe Martinez said. "And, as you can tell, we can track the unit, and as it enters, it sends us an email and it tells you the time and date, and I know which unit it is because it also sends me a photo."

The Sheriff's Department says the upgrades come at no cost to the taxpayer. Instead, the money all came from drug forfeitures.