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Jesse Meerscheidt Is A Hero

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Chief Petty Officer Jesse Meerscheidt, a Coast Guard Gunner's Mate has received the "Secretary's Award for Valor." 
He was invited to Washington D.C. last week for that recognition and it was presented to him by the Secretary of Homeland Security.
It was back in October of last year when Meerscheidt was driving to work and witnessed a two vehicle crash.
One of the victims of that crash was partially thrown through the front windshield of her SUV.
Meerscheidt was able to break the glass and pull the woman out and carry her to safety.
Then, Meerscheidt helped the other victim escape from her Mercedes.
Seconds later the SUV burst into flames.
Both women survived the crash, thanks to his heroism.
He says he's humbled and honored to be recognized, and thankful to be able to help out a person in need.