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Military Matters: Flour Bluff NJROTC Teaching Sound Leadership Skills

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CORPUS CHRISTI (Kiii News) -      Nolan Pipkin, a junior with Flour Bluff NJROTC said, "I feel like it betters the community as a whole. It teaches the children and the cadets who are here how to be a good person, a good samaritan, a good cadet. It's bettering the community because they're going to come out of this unit and be a better person than they would without it."
    It's a sentiment current and former students share about the Flour Bluff NJROTC. Michael Barton, a former member of the NJROTC at Flour Bluff, felt so strongly about the program that he started a legacy scholarship named after Armando Solis, the unit's commander.
    Michael Barton who is the Captain said, "I felt that it was very important to recognize commander solis for what he's done for not only myself to foster our education and knowledge but to make us better young men and women."
    The inaugural scholarship was awarded to Doug Thompson, a senior in the program who showed the most improvement over his four year involvement.
    Thompson said, "it's been a four year grind, for sure. I come here every day ready to do my very best to help this unit succeed. I was going to be happy graduating, knowing what I did for this unit. But getting something back for it is really incredible and I'm so pleased I've been able to do everything I could."
    Such positivity surrounding the Flour Bluff NJROTC can only mean one thing, a sound leader.