Refugio Trailer Home Destroyed in EF0 Tornado After Siblings Esc - South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

Refugio Trailer Home Destroyed in EF0 Tornado After Siblings Escape

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REFUGIO (Kiii News) - The National Weather Service has confirmed that it was an EF0 tornado that ripped through the area of Alamo and Heard streets in Refugio Wednesday evening, destroying a trailer home in that area just moments after a brother and sister escaped.

Anita Garcia, 62, lives in a trailer on that property. Her brother, 38-year old Greg, lives an a trailer adjacent to her. On Wednesday afternoon, Anita was in her brother's trailer with Greg. Shortly before the storm hit the area, the two siblings left Greg's trailer to head to Anita's trailer.

It's a good thing they did, because soon after, Greg's trailer was destroyed.

"My brother was looking out the window, and he was just like in shock, and so I turned that way and I saw everything flying, and then all of a sudden a white cloud just went right through us. Through the window," Anita said. "We even felt the air go in there."

Anita said she thought her and her brother were going to fly away with all of the debris being blown around. She said she prepared her brother spiritually, because she thought they were about to die.

Thankfully, they are both okay -- just a bit shaken up. If you would like to reach out to Anita and Greg to help them and their families, you can call them at 361-652-0214.