Benefit Held to Raise Awareness about Motorcycle Safety - South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

Benefit Held to Raise Awareness about Motorcycle Safety

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CORPUS CHRISTI (Kiii News) -      Washing cars to raise money and more importantly, awareness for those two wheel vehicles on our roads.     Miguel Johnson, the president of the Motorcycle Safety Awareness Campaign said, "we're not out here to say motorcycles need special treatment.  We just want to say that to just be more careful and cut down on all these accidents happening on our South Texas roads."
     The carwash benefit was happening all day long at the Sonic parking lot off Staples.
     The Motorcycle Safety Awareness Campaign hosted today's event in hopes of putting the spot light on the importance of sharing the road with motorcycles.
     Here are some tips the group is sharing with all drivers to ensure the safety on the road.
     -Try and cut down on texting or checking your phone while you drive.
     -Take your time to get to your destination.  Try not to be in a rush.
     -Also, make sure there's plenty of space between you and the motorcyclist.
     -Always look twice before changing lanes.