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Authorities say Death of Seven-Year Old at Public Pool was Accidental Drowning

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ROBSTOWN (Kiii News) - A seven-year old girl found at the bottom of a public swimming pool in Robstown Sunday was pronounced dead later that night. Authorities say it was an accidental drowning.

 The girl was visiting the Diaz Park Public Pool with her family. Her mother was watching her and taking care of a grandchild when she lost sight of the seven-year old.

The mother believes the young girl was following her older siblings to the deep end.

After losing sight of the little girl, the mother's boyfriend spotted her in the deep end of the pool and pulled her out of the water. Robstown EMS was called out to the scene. It is still unclear how long the little girl was underwater, but EMS crews said there was quite a bit of water in her lungs.

Police did make contact with pool personnel, who said lifeguards were on duty at the time of the drowning.

As the summer continues, public pools will be a popular spot for families; but what should parents know to make sure their kids are as safe as possible when they hit the water?

Kiii News Reporter Mike DaSilva took that question to the experts at the YWCA and came back with their advice.