CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Corpus Christi City Council passed two resolutions Tuesday in support of open beaches and wildlife preservation.

Corpus Christi Councilmember Roland Barrera said that city leaders have concerns over Senate Bill 2550, which is before state lawmakers. Barrera said that he feels it could block access to public beaches. 

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"What it does is that it assigns responsibility to the vegetation line and it's the property owner, now the legislation is administratively turning it over to the state," he said. "So the issue is we just want some clarification so that way we can assure that the public has access to the beaches."

Beachgoers Reagan Reed and Emily Ballesteros said neither one of them want to see the beach closed down to vehicle traffic or to public access.

"I'd definitely love to be able to drive on a beach, it's a lot easier when you do have all your stuff with you," she said.

Ballesteros said that for her, it's more about accessibility.

"I just think it's more convenient to have your cars on the beach rather than on a parking lot. I have to walk and get all of your stuff far away where you could have your car right here," she said.

Council also passed another resolution to call on the federal government to continue the sea turtle recovery program that Chief of Sea Turtle Science and Recovery for the National Park Service Donna Shaver began decades ago. That program has resulted in the endangered kemps Ridley turtles making a huge come back in the Coastal Bend.

"We have over 600,000 visitors that visit Padre Island national seashore. That is huge. And a huge majority of that is to come and see the turtles right? To see them hatch and move on to their new life," said Corpus Christi Mayor Paulette Guajardo.

The city is hoping that the two resolutions will let the state and federal government know that the beaches need to stay open and the turtle program should continue on. County leaders are set to pass the same resolutions on Wednesday.

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