Multi-skilled journalist Madeleine Dart joins Kiii-TV from Rocklin, Ca.

Madeleine graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Nevada, Reno, in December of 2016. Throughout her time at UNR, Madeleine was involved with the Reynold’s School of Journalism’s broadcast news show, Wolf Pack What.

Madeleine got her start in journalism during high school. She was a reporter/anchor for WCTV 19 but didn’t realize she wanted to be in the journalism field until toward the end of her junior year. Throughout her time at WCTV 19, Madeleine competed in Student Television Network contests and produced enterprising pieces for the bi-weekly show, Unleashed.

During her three and a half years at UNR, Madeleine interned at KNBC in Los Angeles and KOLO in Reno. For an entire summer, Madeleine worked alongside award-winning journalists and KNBC’s iTeam. She assisted investigative reporters and producers to uncover the secrets of Hollywood Tour Companies. The multi-piece series won an Emmy award.

Madeleine was also an intern for Muse Group, a public relations company, in Reno. After a few months in the position, Madeleine was promoted to Social Media Coordinator. After being with the business for nearly two years, Madeleine began her internship for KNBC.

As a multi-skilled journalist, Madeleine does it all -- reporting, filming, writing and editing.

When she’s not in the newsroom, Madeleine can be found at CrossFit, cooking recipes off of Pinterest or taking her dog Pinot to the beach. She would also like Texas residents to know it’s "Ne-Vaa-Duh" not "Nuh-Vah-Duh."

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