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'Very exciting night': Corpus Christi paranormal team visits infamous Texas Haunted Hill House

I.F. Paranormal caught some creepy happenings on camera during their overnight visit.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Haunted Hill House in Mineral Wells, Texas is said to be the site of some of the scariest paranormal activity in the world. 

Jack Osbourne called the house the "the most sinister location we visited this season" while filming his show "Portals to Hell" on the Travel Channel. 

A Corpus Christi paranormal investigation team headed to Mineral Wells, just west of the DFW Metroplex, with the hopes of disproving those claims. 

Not only could they not disprove those claims, they called the house the scariest place they have ever visited, and they've been doing paranormal investigations since 2006!

"With our group, we try to disprove whatever we can but at the same time, frequently enough, we find things that we don't know how to explain, we don't know how to disprove it," TK said. "It turned out to be a very exciting night."

The group wanted to visit the specific location because of its reputation of hauntings. So, TK, Jeremy, Will, Christian, Nick and Jared with I.F. Paranormal spent the night of Oct. 18 in the house. 

"A lot of the times we will go places and come out with nothing eventful happening, but this place, something was happening constantly," TK said. 

The group uses video cameras, audio recorders and EMF sensors in their investigations. Though there were only guys, they reported picking up a female's voice on sound recorders during their stay.

In one video they shared with us from their night in the house, a cabinet drawer seems to quickly open by itself. The group tried to recreate the opening of the door without someone pulling on it, but said they couldn't.

"We were talking amongst ourselves around a heater because it got really cold inside, and then we all turned around and we were like 'who opened up the cabinet door?'" Jeremy said. He went to the kitchen, where they had the camera monitors set up, and saw the door opening by itself on a video playback.

"It was one of those strange things that we are glad we caught on video but we can't explain it," TK said. 

The most memorable part of the night, though, happened shortly after they arrived and were still getting a tour of the house. In a photo taken during the tour, what looked like a deformed arm and hand seemed to be coming out of a wall in the background. 

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"We knew no one was there, we were still getting our tour of the house" Jeremy said. 

"It didn't look ghostly, it looked like a person's hand on the side of a doorway but the wrist looked a little weird, like a little deformed, but it wasn't pale," TK added. "Other photos of the same spot, it wasn't there anymore."

Credit: I.F. Paranormal

The owners of the house said many people become nauseous when visiting and some get a headache and ill upon entering the grounds. 

"It was a very heavy atmosphere, once you walk in you just feel like something is watching you constantly," Jeremy said. 

Some are visited by a malevolent spirit the next day after visiting the house, the owners said. The owners have had items thrown at them, they said, and have recorded over 600 scratches on visitors. 

If you dare to make the trip to stay overnight at the house, you can book a stay by visiting their website here.

If you want to check our more of the groups investigations, including from some spooky spots here in Corus Christi, you can follow them on TikTok here. 

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