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James Corden and Rebel Wilson present Oscars in hilarious 'Cats' costumes

The audience couldn't keep their laughter in as Wilson and Corden pawed at the microphone like real cats.

James Corden and Rebel Wilson's Oscar looks should have won an award for hair and makeup. 

The "Cats" actors presented the Academy Award for visual effects in full "Cats" makeup Corden played Bustopher Jones and Wilson played Jennyanydots the Gumble Cat.

The pair made a crack at their own film's special effects. When the "Cats" trailer was first released, viewers were all creeped out by the CGI hair on the actors' bodies. 

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“As cast members of the motion picture ‘Cats’ nobody more than us understands the need for good visual effects,” said Corden and Wilson.

The movie, based on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s long-running musical, bombed at the box office and earned just $71 million. Corden himself said during an episode of his late night show that he hadn't seen the film yet.

The audience at the Oscars couldn't contain their laughter as the pair read out the names of the nominees. 

Before announcing "1917" as the winners of the category, Corden and Wilson started swiping at the microphone stand like real cats. 

It will surely be a memorable moment for Guillaume Rocheron, Greg Butler and Dominic Tuohy, who accepted their Oscar presented by two humanoid cats.

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