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USS Lexington announces birthday plans ahead of 80th anniversary of first commissioning

In honor of the Lex's 80th birthday, museum tickets bought from Feb. 17-19 will cost only $7 – the same price they were when the museum first opened in 1992.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Four-score and no other years ago, the USS Lexington was commissioned to serve in the US Navy as an aircraft carrier during World War II. That ship would then sail on through multiple sinking attempts, and just as many international conflicts, which all but certified her status in history as "The Blue Ghost."

Now, "The Blue Ghost" can count yet another mission a success: turning 80.

USS Lexington Museum Executive Director Steve Banta joined us live to give us the skinny on everything the museum has planned for the Lex's 80th birthday, starting with the Stage Door Canteen, a 1940s dancehall-themed event thrown every year to celebrate the ship's birthday.

The 30th Annual Stage Door Canteen will begin at 7 p.m. on Feb. 17 at the USS Lexington Museum. While tickets are currently sold out for the event, sponsorships and donations to the museum can be made on-site and online.

The Lex's birthday celebrations don't end with the Stage Door Canteen, though.

Banta also announced that admission during the Lex's birthday weekend will cost the same as what admission was during the museum's 1992 debut: a cool $7 per person. This throwback pricing will take effect Feb. 17-19 during the museum's normal operating hours.

On top of the Lexington-centric plans Banta revealed, he also shared the news of the Land and Sea Partnership, a membership collaboration between the USS Lexington Museum; the Museum of Science and History; the Art Museum of South Texas; the South Texas Botanical Gardens; and the Texas State Aquarium.

Throughout the month of February, members of any of the five attractions will be given discounted admission to any of the other attractions in the Land and Sea Partnership. More details on the partnership can be found on the Lexington's website, as well as any of the other participating attractions.

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