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Corpus Christi's 'Popcorn Guy' offers entertainment before the show

A viral TikTok shows Jason, better known as 'Popcorn Guy', preparing customers popcorn in an unusual and entertaining way.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — More than 6 million people have seen a Corpus Christi Century 16 Theatre employee showing off some smooth moves while preparing popcorn for local movie-goers. 

Moves so smooth, he has been invited to this year's Oscars ceremony where he will show them off for the stars.

Jason Grosboll, better known as "Popcorn Guy" (it is even on his name tag), has offered entertainment before the main event at Century 16 Theatre in Corpus Christi for ten years, and so many on social media were impressed with his skills. 

"Forget Salt Bae, we have Butter King," one TikTok commenter said. Another said "Whoa... it's Jason Courne!"

We caught up with Grosboll during one of his shifts in December.

"Whenever somebody asks for butter, I always make sure to layer it," Grosboll said.

Grosboll said the last ten years of working at the theater has been a pleasure. He said meeting new people is a constant joy for him.

"I love interacting with new customers, seeing the smiles on their faces and joy on them," Grosboll said.

Grosboll takes his job to a whole new level by putting on a show before 'the show'.

"At first, no one really understood it, but as time passed on, people loved it."  

Oscar Leal, who posted the video on his TikTok page, said it was his first time back at the theaters since the pandemic and he didn't expect to be so entertained.

"He already had prepared one tub of popcorn for us," Leal said. "And I decided to just to pull out my phone when he started the second one, and it was just magical."

The video quickly skyrocketed to two million views. Cinemark Theatres even reposted the video on their Instagram page.

"It went from like 100 to 200, and then by yesterday it just kept going up by the thousands, it was very surprising," Leal said.

Grosboll said he was happy to read through the more than 12 thousand comments on the post.

"Last night, I read about 3 or 4 hours of comments," Grosboll said. "It brought my heart joy to read comments like that."

Grosboll didn't know the video went viral until one of his friends told him about it.

"A lot of his fans you know, wanted him to know that we love him that he's our hero," Leal said.

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