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Kingsville singer proves she has 'Mucho Talento'

Inspired by her late father, Angel Jimenez has been singing Mariachi since she was 8. She's now showing her talent on Estrella TV's 'Tengo Talent Mucho Talento.'

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The ‘Mariachi Javelina’ has a rich and proud history. It was one of the first collegiate mariachi groups in the country and they’re right here out of Texas A&M Kingsville.

3News Reporter Julissa Garza spoke with one member, Angel Jimenez who’s representing the group, the Coastal Bend, and her family on Estrella TV’s ‘Tengo Talento Mucho Talento.’

“She’s so shy she doesn’t talk and then you hear her singing it’s like who’s that girl,” said Angel Jimenez’s sister Lisa Alaniz.

Shy is the word Lisa Alaniz uses to describe her sister Angel and Angel doesn’t disagree.

“Oh, I’m very shy,” said Angel Jimenez. “I get very nervous.”

Shy wouldn’t be the word that comes to mind when you see Angel grab the microphone.

“It may not look like it, but I am sometimes I just kind of black out I’m in a different world when I’m performing, I don’t know how to explain it,” said Jimenez.

Angel has been singing mariachi music since she was 8 years old. Inspired by folklorico, but mostly by her dad.

“My mom also showed me videos of my dad singing mariachi he was a mariachi singer,” said Jimenez.

“But he passed away when I was 1 from cancer so I didn’t really get to know him,” said Jimenez. “So the way I do get to know him is through videos, pictures and recordings, and hearing his voice really inspired me mostly.”

Credit: Angel Jimenez

Following in her dad's footsteps she picked the microphone up along with some instruments and never stopped. Her talent and hard work landing her a spot-on Estrella TV’s ‘Tengo Talento Mucho Talento.’

I just recorded in my restroom through zoom, and I didn’t think anything of it, and they called me back in March saying I made it to the televised rounds, and it was really crazy,” said Jimenez.

Since then, Angel has been booked and busy to say the least.

“I went to LA the first time in March to film for the auditions I passed the auditions waited a couple weeks and just went back to finish the quarter finals,” said Jimenez. “I’m not allowed to say anything until it airs but it was a hard round,” said Jimenez.

Angel’s family says they’re proud of her accomplishments and her sisters says those who’ve gone before her with the best seat in the house are proud too.

“I believe my dad and our uncle and everyone who’s out there in heaven now hears her,” said Alaniz.

Angel continues this family legacy through her voice.

“The first time when she started singing, I used to get chills all the time my dad was a mariachi singer and I could hear him all over again,” said Alaniz.

Angel hopes she can connect those who hear her sing

“I hope they always feel something I hope I can fill a space in their heart,” said Jimenez.

This journey is just the beginning for Angel. She hopes to become a professional mariachi singer and even branch out to other genres like Tejano. Angel is also studying to be a choir and mariachi director.

You can watch Angel on Estrella TV or even download their app to tune in.

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