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Selena's widower announces end to legal dispute with Quintanilla family

Chris Perez is hoping they can "work together to continue to honor and celebrate the legacy of Selena."

SAN ANTONIO — In a tweet Tuesday afternoon, Selena Quintanilla-Perez's husband made a big announcement. Chris Perez said in part, "I have amicably resolved my legal dispute with the Quintanilla family."

The news dropped at 2 p.m. and the tweet started blowing up on the social media platform – with lots of support for Perez and questions too.

Over the years since her death in 1995, lawsuits between Perez and the singer's father over her estate made headlines.

He also referred to his connection to the Quintanilla family and his hopes for the future.

"Now that these issues are behind us, going forward, my hope, and the hope of the Quintanilla family, is for us to work together to continue to honor and celebrate the legacy of Selena," he tweeted.

A tweet from @Selatina questioned if more of Selena's music will now be available.

Others expressed their reaction to the news, congratulating Lopez.

In 2018, Perez sat down with KENS 5 to talk about how her legacy continues to live on decades later. He also said he had trouble listening to sounds that remind him of his late wife.

Selena was tragically killed on March 31, 1995 in Corpus Christi, just days before her 24th birthday, but is still celebrated and honored more than 25 years later. A two-series Netflix show that debuted in December 2020 chronicles her life and rise to fame. It also focused on the tension between her father and husband.

The University of Texas at San Antonio hosted a Selena university course in the fall of 2020. She has also been recently honored with a line of gas station cups, H-E-B reusable grocery bags and a Spurs tie-in clothing line. She was also honored with a line of cosmetics from MAC.