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How to spin popcorn tubs like a pro with Popcorn Guy Jason Grosboll

Before he heads to Hollywood to appear at the Oscars, Corpus Christi's Popcorn Guy taught us (or tried to teach us) some of his tricks.
Credit: 3NEWS

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Jason makes it looks easy! And it is not easy. 

Corpus Christi's world-famous Popcorn Guy took some time to show us at 3NEWS some tricks to help us spin popcorn tubs like a pro. 

Spoiler alert: we could not spin the popcorn tubs like a pro, but someone you see every night on 3NEWS came very close!

Leslie Adami, Rudy Trevino, Alan Holt and I took turns positioning our fingers around the buckets and trying to recreate that famous spin. 

Here are the steps Jason said to follow:

  1. Grab about 8-10 popcorn buckets (I'm sure you have some laying around)
  2. Position four fingers around the bottom of the bucket, not using your pinky (which is HARD! #SmallHands)
  3. Push bucket upward and twist bucket on your thumb
  4. Try again, because I'm sure you dropped the first

Most of us had significant trouble with balancing the tub or making it spin, but Alan caught on pretty quickly. 

Credit: 3NEWS

Jason said it could take up to a year to be at his skill level, and we believe it!

Practice perfecting that spin and don't forget to watch Jason at the Oscars this Sunday on KIII.

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