High blood pressure is a common side effect for folks with diabetes, and studies find that women with high blood pressure during pregnancy could affect their child's thinking skills.

"This shows that there are long-term effects of having high blood pressure in pregnancy," Cleveland Clinic's Dr. Elisa Ross said. "We mostly have been thinking that it's just a short-term affect on the baby while it's in utero, but here is a situation where it affects the offspring long after the pregnancy is over."

Researchers at the University of Helsinki tested the thinking abilities of men at age 20 and then again in their 60s. The men whose mothers had high blood pressure while pregnant scored lower on tests than those whose moms did not have high blood pressure.

Researchers think this mental health decline could be traced all the way back to the womb.

Doctor's say pregnant women should check their blood pressure once a week and work with their physicians to keep it under control.