HOUSTON — Earlier this week we introduced you to Shirley Clark. She is the die-hard Astros fan who turned 100 years old Monday.

Well, news of Shirley’s milestone birthday and her love for the Astros spread quickly and you would never guess who surprised her?

Jose Altuve!!

Jose is Shirley’s favorite player and the second basemen made sure he took a break from training to come spend time with her at her residence at Buckner Parkway Place.

Conversing in English and Spanish, the two sat down and talked about their experiences living in Venezuela. They even Facetimed Jose’s family to say hi.

Before Jose left, he gifted Shirley with an autographed baseball for her birthday.

Jose Altuve, Shirley Clark
Buckner International/Buckner Parkway Place
Jose Altuve, Shirley Clark
Jose Altuve autographs baseball for Astros fan who turned 100 years old
Buckner International/Buckner Parkway Place

Shirley watches as many Astros games as she can, whether at the stadium or on TV. It’s common knowledge at her retirement community to go to her for scores and stats from past games.

When asked what the key to a long life is, Shirley said, “You need to eat right and stay active.”

Help us wish Mrs. Shirley Clark a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!