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Amistad Community Health Center aims to help COVID patients with no insurance

Amistad partnered with the Nueces County to create a clinic last August to alleviate the burden on local hospitals.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — As we continue to see high numbers of COVID-19 cases in our area, the Amistad Community Health Center has also seen a major increase in those who are seeking outpatient care.

Turns out, they can help you even if you don't have insurance.

“The increase of probably 300%, I mean we are seeing a lot of patients" April Loveless, Program Coordinator for Amistad Community Health Center said. 

According to Loveless, Amistad partnered with Nueces County to create a COVID-19 clinic last August to alleviate the burden on local hospitals.

“Dr. Jaquelin Phillips has done an amazing job to get a team of doctors here to make sure these patients are taken care of and don’t end up in the hospital," said Loveless.

In recent weeks, Loveless said their physicians have begun seeing between 35-50 patients per day through telehealth appointments. The patients can receive total outpatient care without leaving their homes.

“From there they are going to care and treat the patient the entire time they have COVID-19, offering medication going as far as if the patient needs X-rays, they will send a tech," Loveless said.

According to Loveless, treatment can range from mild to severe with or without insurance, at no cost to the patient.

“There is no cost for those X-rays and no cost for that oxygen," Loveless said. "All of this is provided by Amistad and the County reimburses us for that."

Amistad said they are also working with Walgreens under the 340B Act to try and get the medication at lower price for patients being treated for COVID-19. 

They offer COVID-19 testing Tuesdays and Thursdays, and they offer vaccinations everyday 9-3.