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New Year, new you! Domingo Live talks food and nutrition for a healthy 2023

According to Sandoval, your body burns 1,200 calories by existing alone, meaning even small changes in your nutrition and exercise regimen can help you lose weight.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Between the treats of Halloween, the gravy boats of Thanksgiving, the tamales of Christmas and the Rosca de Reyes of Three Kings Day, it's easy to forget what we should be eating outside of special holiday foods. Luckily, Domingo Live has you covered and makes the whole Being Healthy™ thing super doable!

Personal Nutrition Coach James Sandoval joined us live to talk about how we can use nutrition to make our lifestyles healthier in the new year – primarily, by adding more lean protein and veggies into your diet.

"A lot of people think that it's cheaper to eat at the dollar menu from McDonald's," said Sandoval, "but that's false. It's actually cheaper to eat healthy when you know what you're doing."

But why can't I lose fat?!

Everybody in Corpus Christi jokes about it: we were the fattest city in America over ten years ago. But what are the habits that cause us to store fat? 

In this Domingo Live Digital Exclusive, Personal Nutrition Coach James Sandoval breaks down three reasons why our bodies store excess fat. 

Spoiler alert: it's not because of your mom's tamales!

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