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How to make utensil art

This simple craft is great for any age.

AUSTIN, Texas — It can be difficult to find ways to entertain your little ones, but we are here to help. Every week we're offering crafts and projects to keep your kids busy.

This week we make flowers using forks and q-tips. It's a very simple craft that most kids can do on their own. This craft does involve paint, so it is a little messy. 

We used what we had for colors of paint. Green for stems, pink, yellow, and red for flowers. We also had a few different purples. We found that using multiple shades of purple mixed with white gave our flowers more depth.

Here's what you need:

  • Paint
  • Forks
  • Q-tips
  • Paint
  • Paper
  • Paper plates
Credit: Brittany Flowers

Step one:

Pour your paint on your paper plate.

Step two:

Use your q-tip to dip into your paint and paint flower stems on your paper.

Step three:

Use a different q-tip in the purple and dot at the top of the stem. We did our darkest purple first. Then a lighter shade of purple on top. And a few white dots on top of that. 

Step four:

To create tulips, use your fork as the paintbrush. We found it hard to get the bottom part of the flower down, so we used q-tips to fill any spots that needed paint.

Step five:

Repeat the process until you are proud of your painted garden.

Step six:

Let it dry!