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Healthcare facilities around the Coastal Bend begin to practice at home care

With limited bed space, other healthcare providers have stepped up.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Unvaccinated COVID patients continue to flood into hospitals across the Coastal Bend. With limited bed space, other healthcare providers have stepped up to provide at home care.

One facility is AAdi Home Health & Hospice Agency. The agency sends out nurses like Belinda Escobedo to administer home care to patients.

I really want to try to for myself to keep patients at home and not in the hospitals so we can try to save those beds for people who are really needing it,” Escobedo said.

That’s happening for those individuals who otherwise would be in the hospital or in a rehab facility. One such patient being John Hernandez.

“I would be in a rehabilitation facility, the one in Victoria," Hernandez said

Hernandez said he spent about a month inside Spohn Shoreline Hospital battling COVID. Now that Hernandez is home, his recovery is being helped greatly by the Escobedo.

Escobedo knows firsthand about COVID. The nurse caught the virus even though she was vaccinated. She said the virus quickly had her down and almost out.

“You just feel like you’re drowning so I am pro vaccination, if you can get the vaccine you need to get it trust the science,” Escobedo said.

Knowing the severity of her situation, Escobedo credits her recovery to the vaccine.

“Had I not been vaccinated I would’ve died, and my doctors agree,” Escobedo said.

Hernandez said that he trusts Escobedo’s knowledge due to her experiencing the same sickness as him.  

“She’s had the sickness she knows she can speak to what I’m going through and I am gravitating toward every word she says because she understands me,” Hernandez said.

AAdi home health officials said that they take care of around 350 patients each month. But, they couldn’t do that work without the help of the patients and their family.

58 Kimberly Cude, Director of nursing for AAdi Home Health & Hospice understands the importance of making sure things run smoothly. 

”There’s always a nurse available to them after hours or during the day. But, our RN goes out and does that initial assessment they can decide if they need to be seen daily for a week," Cude said. 

AAdi not only sends out nurses like Escobedo, but also physical and occupational therapists as well. The company can even do chest x-rays and EKGs in the patients home. 

Hernandez is happy that his insurance covers his at home care because he feels safer here than at a hospital being overrun by Covid patients.