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Mother reflects on her child's first year of life after being born at the beginning of the pandemic

Last year, we introduced you to baby Analia and the challenges new moms faced at the start of the pandemic. Today, Analia is one-year-old.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Analia Lynette Gonzalez was born March 30, 2020, which was near the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

"The night that I went into labor, and I went into the hospital, it was scary," said Anissa Gonzalez in an interview with 3News a year ago. Gonzalez is Analia's mom.

Flash forward exactly one year:

"It's been interesting. She's pretty much home all the time. Even now to this day, we really don't have visitors," said Gonzalez.

She said unfortunately, not much has changed and we're still in a pandemic. 

"I mean, she [Analia] probably would've met everyone by now that she has in her life, but no she's only met like half of the people," Gonzalez added.

Analia has spent her first 365 days in a new world and one in which us adults are still adjusting. She said in a normal life, Analia would be flooded on her first birthday.

"We would've probably gone to Peter Piper, the whole family would've been there, there would've been a lot of cake, a lot of pizza, a lot of fun, a lot of games," Gonzalez said.

Instead, Analia got what only quarantine princess' get: a social distance photoshoot.

Gonzalez said hopefully sooner than later, COVID-19 will skip town and Analia can spread the joy from beyond a screen.

"Honestly, I'm just looking forward to her meeting all of her cousins and meeting all of her aunts and uncles," Gonzalez said.

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