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Fort Worth community, Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders help WWII veteran celebrate 103rd birthday

When he was asked what his secret to longevity is, he answered that he had an aunt on his mother’s side who lived to be 107.

FORT WORTH, Texas — World War II veteran Jearl Walker had one request for turning 103 years old: “Dallas Cowboys anything!”

In honor of this milestone birthday, his Fort Worth senior living community and the Dallas Cowboys delivered.

“Jearl is one of our veterans, so we wanted to make sure that his day was amazing,” shared Activities Director Ashley Hicks.

On Feb. 3, the staff at The Ridglea Senior Living got to work gathering everything they could find to represent the Cowboys. They also bought a personalized cake.

“Our team pulled together to decorate the dining room, make food, and create a beautiful moment for Jearl, his family and friends,” said Hicks.

Credit: The Ridglea

But there was one surprise that took it to another level. The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders sent Walker a special video birthday message.

Every quarter, Hicks said The Ridglea performs ‘Miracle Moments’ for one of their residents. A staff member chooses a resident to be featured and creates an amazing day for them based on their interests, hobbies or dreams. So, Walker’s birthday was the perfect time to his day extra special.

“This Miracle Moment is definitely one that we all truly felt blessed to be a part of,” Hicks said. “With such a dedicated team that had gone above and beyond that week, we still managed to make this day special for a sweet man that truly deserves the best.”

Credit: The Ridglea

Walker is a Texan through and through. He was born on Jan. 29, 1920, in Mineral Wells. Before joining the Navy in 1939, he loved to box, go to matches, and he loved football, of course. 

Walker was always going to the Cowboys’ home games. 

After serving four years during World War II, he returned to Texas and attended Baylor University to study law.

According to his counterparts, Walker became a very successful lawyer in Fort Worth. An assistant, who worked with Walker for 40 years, told The Ridglea that law was his passion, and he would put on a great show in court. She went onto say he had the best sense of humor, loved to help people and stand up for what he believed was right. 

Walker has two sons and is very proud of both of them. One is a doctor and the other is in nuclear physics. He also has eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

When he was asked what his secret to longevity is, he answered that he had an aunt on his mother’s side who lived to be 107. He also said most of his family members had long live.

So, genes people; it’s good genes!

Walker also said things were simpler in his day and has a tidbit for younger people now that technology has become huge: pick up and read a book more often!

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