CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — With the school year winding down, many school districts are coming up with fun, sweet and creative ways to celebrate their seniors. Students, families and King staff sat in their chairs and decorated their cars to support the graduating seniors in a farewell parade.

"This is the best way we can support our kids with everything going on right now and I kind of went all out because I want to show them how much I care about them," Math teacher Brielle Duchesneau said. 

"This is great, I think our kids were waiting for something and the turnout, the cars, everybody that's here to support our seniors, it's been great," parent Laura Martinez said. 

"We really have a close bond especially at King, the class of 2020, we've always supported each other through everything and I think this is a pretty cool opportunity for us to show our families what we've accomplished," senior Charlie Stewart said.

"I'm happy to see all of my friends, seeing everybody is sort of overwhelming and it feels good just to have this appreciation towards the seniors with everything going on," senior Cierra Gomez said. 

While it was the first time the seniors had seen each other since the pandemic closed the school doors, many students say it'll be an event they remember and cherish forever.

"It means a lot to me because you know the teachers took their time to come out and make something for us," senior Marisol Rojas said. "Something small, but it's actually a really great impact for us. This is something I'm really going to remember." 

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