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Little tricks to save big on Black Friday

Now is the time to come up with your "Black Friday Game Plan."

Black Friday kicks off the holiday season in two days but shoppers are already seeing deals.

Kristen Gall, the Retail & Shopping expert with Rakuten, said this is a good sign. 

“We started to see discounts of 30-50% two weeks before Black Friday which is really unprecedented,” said Gall. “A lot of times those discounts were reserved solely for Black Friday.”

You can thank the supply chain issues of last year for some of the deeper savings we’re seeing now.

“Retailers are coming out of a very strange year and a lot of them have a lot more inventory to move than they’ve ever had before,” Gall said.

Now is the time to come up with your "Black Friday Game Plan."

  • Create a shopping list. Write down everyone you’re buying for and the gift you have in mind.
  • Visit big box stores first for the big items. Go early before they’re sold out.
  • Shop at department stores. Lots of clothing and accessories are on sale.
  • Shop online and fill up your virtual cart but wait to purchase. Check back periodically to see if the prices have dropped.
  • Buy stocking stuffers last. They are always easy to find and won’t break the bank.  

There are some items to avoid during the holidays because they’re deeper discounted at the beginning of the year. Those items are bedding, towels, and cold-weather clothing.

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