LOS ANGELES — "Grace in Boston" is bouncing back.

The much-maligned actress from Peloton's Christmas ad reappeared Friday evening in a spot for actor Ryan Reynolds' Aviation Gin. The actor posted the ad on his Instagram page, noting "Exercise bike not included."

On Aviation's Instagram page, the post reads "This Holiday...Gift Responsibly."

The commercial shows "Grace" sitting with two other women with martinis in front of them. After about 12 seconds of awkward silence as Christmas music plays in the background and Grace giving the same look that made her a target of internet critics, she finally says "this gin is smooth."

"You're safe here," one friend says.

"'To new beginnings!'" Grace toasts.

After she finishes the whole drink in one long swig, the shot changes to show bottles of Aviation Gin as one of the friends chimes in, "You look great, by the way!"

Peloton was slammed after the ad premiered, with people criticizing the fact that it makes it seem as though the husband wants her to lose weight even though she is thin to begin with.

Peloton responded to the backlash, standing its ground. The company said people have misinterpreted the ad.

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