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Empty the Shelters: Pet adoption fees reduced this weekend at Gulf Coast Humane Society

BISSELL Pet Foundation is sponsoring pet adoption fees at over 160 shelters across 32 states during the ‘Empty the Shelters’ event.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Starting Friday, July 10, you have the chance to bring a four-pawed best friend from the Gulf Coast Humane Society at a reduced cost.

The Bissell Pet Foundation is sponsoring an adoption event at the Gulf Coast Humane Society where the only thing between you and your cuddly companion is $25.

The mission for the Bissell Pet Foundation is to lower the amount of animals in shelters, and by partnering with the Gulf Coast Humane Society, they are able to achieve that right here in South Texas.

Sharon Ray is the Executive Director of the Gulf Coast Humane Society.

"One thing that they want to make sure is that people are getting altered pets, pets that are already spayed and neutered and healthy into their life to eliminate back yard breeders and people who just are accidentally having pets," said  Sharon Ray. 

The Bissell Pet Foundation is covering a majority of the cost to adopt the pet, so for just $25, owners are able to affordably welcome a healthy pet into their home.

Ray says that the same can't always be said for those who go to back yard breeders.

"It can cost upwards of thousands of dollars depending upon what community you live, how much you have to pay for spay and neutering, making sure the animal has been wormed and all of those things," added Ray. 

Not only can you have peace of mind by going through a seamless adoption process at the Humane Society, but they're taking the extra step to keep owners safe by offering virtual meet and greets with the animals during this pandemic.

"You can do that online if you don't want to come into the facility and you feel uncomfortable with that we can even do a meet and greet with you outside unless it is a puppy," said Ray. 

Ray says now is the best time more than ever to bring a little more light in your life with the addition of a pet.

"Pets are great because they are going to love us unconditionally. they are going to come up and nudge us and let us know that they're there for us and that's really super important at this time." 

The adoption event goes from July 10 to July 12, organizers say. 

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