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How to help your pet cope with separation anxiety

As more people return to work in person pets may be confused and feel separation anxiety. Here's a few tips on how you can help your pet adjust.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Executive Director of the Gulf Coast Humane Society Sharon Ray says during the pandemic there was an increase in pet adoptions and they’re continuing to see that trend.

I think for the first-time people didn’t have the excuse to say when I have time, so people had the time and the opportunity and I think they took a great deal of advantage to it,”

But as more people get their vaccines people are switching from working in pajamas and slippers back to their regular office attire and your pets may be confused

“They’re anxious and they just don’t know what’s happening to their routine, it’s being turned upside down,” said Ray.

Ray says the key is a routine

“Everything is on a routine for them, so they know if you leave you are coming back, so they know their next meal is coming they know when it’s coming so those are really important things,” said Ray.

Adjusting won’t happen overnight, but small steps help

“Put your keys in your purse those things that know mean you’re leaving get them ahead of time so that you’re ready to go, but start with some small trips out first go out for an hour two hours,” said Ray.

“You wanna give them enrichment, keep their minds busy so if your dog is good at puzzles and is treat motivated you can put a toy together.”

Ray says it’s also important to keep an eye on your pet’s behavior.

“If they start getting anxious they might tear things up that they’ve never done before, dogs might try to find a squeak toy in the couch pillow, cats might urinate in places that they’ve never done that before and it’s not out of spite,” said Ray.

Be sure to find a routine that works for you and your pet, watch their behavior and if you see anxiety or stress continue, reach out to your veterinarian.

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