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Riviera ISD postpones classes due to an uptick in COVID cases

Last week, a half day was scheduled for the 491 students attending Riviera ISD.

RIVIERA, Texas — Students at Riviera ISD won’t be in class this week and may not return until at least next Wednesday due to an uptick in COVID cases.

Last week, half days were scheduled for the 491 students. This schedule was put into place due to 25 new COVID cases being present.

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Superintendent Patricia Thornton understands the high risks that come with students being present on campus.

“The students were scheduled to be out of school next week on Monday and Tuesday," Thornton said. "If I, together with the team, recognize that we need to take a second week off, then we will."

The number soon grew to be 41 which resulted in the district canceling classes for the week. Thornton also stated that COVID safety procedures will be implemented when students return.

“When the students return, the plexiglass will be up in the cafeteria, the desk shields will be up in the classrooms, we will continue to practice social distancing,” Thornton said. 

Classrooms weren’t the only place shutdown because of the rise in COVID cases. The Seahawk football team’s game was cancelled last week and now again this week in light of the COVID concerns.

“Unfortunately, the football team will not play this Friday but watch out the following Friday, our boys are still conditioning at home we’re doing what they need to get done,” Thornton said.

Thornton reminds all students that the missed time in the classroom will be made up during the school year. She also said teachers right now are still at work and looking to come up with highly focused lesson plans.