His patients call him Doctor Sam, their dedicated physical therapist who not only works hard at Trinity Towers but also spends his time volunteering in the community; using his skills to improve the lives of the less fortunate.

Sam Owiredu moved to the U.S. from Ghana, Africa in 2001, in hopes of getting a better education and that's exactly what he got.

Now, he practices in Corpus Christi, has a wife and three children but still calls Ghana home. After a trip to Ghana a few years ago, he saw how the people there lacked basic medical care and their quality of life was poor. He says they can't afford simple medications that we can get over-the-counter and seeing a doctor is a rare experience.

So ever since that visit, he's been going to Ghana each summer with other American doctors. They all volunteer their time, donate medications along with free wheelchairs. Doctor Sam helps rehabilitate patients who don't have access to a physical therapist.

Every time he visits, he gains a new appreciation for America. He describes the houses in Ghana as being structurally unsound, the roads are made of dirt and the water system is poor. As someone who has the abilities to change lives, Doctor Sam says it's important to branch out of his every day job and give back to the less fortunate.

This Friday, he'll pack over 20 suitcases and head home for two weeks, an experience that no amount of money could ever replace.