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I've had a fantastic week at CES in Las Vegas, where I’ve been speaking, unboxing and hunting down the hottest deals for this season and the coming weeks. 

At CES 2019, wireless charging is not only everywhere, it’s become a new standard. Whether you have an Apple or Android device, today you can cut the cord for under $30 and enjoy safe, fast charging. 

My favorite wireless charger is two to three times faster than a wall outlet and has smart chip technology that identifies the charging needs of your smartphone. Whether it’s an iPhone X, the new iPhone XS or a Samsung, the MeGa Power charger takes it a step further than any other wireless charger on the market by preventing overheating. 

The MeGa Power has a built-in cooling fan that prevents excessive heat from destroying the battery cells in your device and decreasing your battery life. To sweeten today’s CES-inspired sale even more, for those of us who use our smartphone as an alarm clock, this charger also serves as a stand. It's also ideal for propping up a smartphone beside a bath or for checking a recipe in your kitchen. 

At under $30 today, you’re also protecting your phone’s ports! iPhone and Android cables create more wear and tear on your phone ports and the cables themselves need constant replacement. The benefit of this charger is you get the extra fast charging but you don't need to keep unplugging and re-adjusting your phone.



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