It's an air conditioner, dehumidifier and full air filtration system for less than the price of a window unit!

With temperatures at a record high and allergies out of control in our region (thank you cotton wood), I've collected many requests for solutions. Today, in my quest to save you more time and cash than anyone else in the country, I have a recommendation to make.

Consider skipping that next window air conditioner purchase. Why? I've tested many and they leave a lot to be desired. Window air conditioners are not energy efficient, they're cumbersome to move around, and they leave unevenly air conditioned hot spots in a room.

For less than the price of a window air conditioner, and for about the size of a dehumidifier, we like the Avista units that just hit the market. (I also like the LG units a lot but they do the same thing and are triple the price). With four filters, they also help you breathe cleaner air.

Click the play button to watch my un-boxing of the Avista. Product perks include:

- Four filters clean the air around you while it cools
- Operates as a full dehumidifier and air conditioner
- Stronger filtered air circulation than window air conditioners
- Two way up/down airway deflection circulates air evenly
- Eliminates "hot spots" in a room
- Handles 200 square feet of a poorly insulated room
- Cooled up to 1000 square feet of a well insulated open condo in our tests
- Quiet operation despite powerful compressor
- 24 hour programming
- Remote control
- Easily wheels from one room to the next
- Fits into a closet for off-season storage
- Lowest recorded price today

$90 Off Avista Portable Air Conditioner + Dehumidifier + Free Delivery
Was: $349.99
Now: $259.99

No stores or brands pay us to feature their products. The only purpose of this column is to save you cash!