Texans are always looking for more ways to show that they love Whataburger.

Just in the past year, people have designed Whataburger shoes to wear, posted Whataburger memes during severe weather, hosted birthday parties, had a man ride his horse into the restaurant, had a couple take their engagement photos there, and had a groom dance with Whataburger at his wedding.

Now, Whataburger and James Avery have teamed up to make the ultimate Texas charm!

Speculation on the charm began after this Facebook post went viral.

The post reads:

Next week Whataburger releases the first ever James Avery Whataburger Texas charm. Only available at shop.whataburger.com. The goal........sell out within the first 48 hours and show everybody that Texas is Whataburger Country! Share this post for a chance to win a Mantique!Whataburger has neither confirmed nor denied the news that they'll sell the charm, possibly holding off for their own big announcement... or not wanting to put a damper on some great publicity.

The charm went live Monday morning on the website and retails for $60. You can find it on Whataburger's website or CLICK HERE.