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Egg prices soar, up 97% in new producer price report

The price for diesel fuel, residential natural gas and pork also moved higher, according to data.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — As prices for consumers across the U.S. continues to rise, that also goes for services and manufacturers, contributing to the increase in price for eggs and diesel fuel.

Compared to a year ago, eggs are up 97.3%, according to the Producer Price Index report for September 2022. Prices also rose for diesel fuel, residential natural gas, chicken eggs, home heating oil and pork. 

According to the Producer Price Indexes report, two-thirds of the increase in the index for final demand could be traced to a 0.4% increase in prices for final demand services. That includes domestic producers of goods, services and construction sold for personal consumption, capital investment, government and export, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says.

In addition, it's important to note that the increase in price for final demand services can be traced to a 6.4% percent rise in prices for traveler accommodation services, according to the report. 

The price for food and alcohol retailing, machinery and vehicle wholesaling, oil and gas well drilling services and hospital inpatient care also rose. 

One thing consumers can rejoice in from the latest Producer Price Index report is the price of prepared poultry, or chicken, has declined. The prices for raw milk and recyclable paper also declined.

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