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Worried your stimulus check will go to the wrong bank account?

Now is the time to update your information with the IRS if you're not sure where your money is going.

Through Facebook and e-mail, the complaints centered on their checks going to the wrong bank account or they were going through their tax preparer minus and handling charge. One person says the status only showed the last four digits of the social security number.

Professor Adelfino Palacios teaches accounting at Del Mar College. We asked about people getting charged by their tax preparers to deposit the stimulus checks into their bank accounts.

"The calls we've been getting is to update the information on the IRS website," Professor Palacios said. "A lot of people do not have their tax returns or have misplaced them and they're asking for key numbers from the last return filed." 

"As far as we know it will probably be returned back to the IRS and then people are going to have to go online and try to update their information."

Palacios says it is a work in progress so we don't know for sure if tax preparers charging a fee is legal. As for your money being deposited in an old or the wrong account, the answer is the same.

"The IRS website was just updated today where people that have filed their returns can go online and update their information, put in a new routing number, a new account number," Palacios said. 

We went to the IRS website and followed the professor's instructions.

Go to irs.gov  and scroll down to see the cash money. Click on that and on the next page scroll down to the "Get My Payment" button. On the next page click on the "Get My Payment" button again and you will see a loading page. Then click "OK"  and you will start filling in all your information from scratch.

We did try to contact a tax preparer who our viewers identified, but none of the numbers were accepting calls. We did reach out to state representative Todd Hunter and this was the first he heard of the service fee from tax preparers. He said he would look into it.

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