It was a sight to see! Thousands of Easter eggs falling from up above down onto Whataburger Field. It was a part of the first ever helicopter egg drop. Packed with thousands of brightly colored Easter eggs, a helicopter was on a mission to make a special delivery to hundreds of eager kids. Over 30-thousand Easter eggs rained down on the outfield at Whataburger Field. As parents watched from the stands, kids ran amuck in an effort to fill their baskets to the rim. Each egg filled with candy or a special surprise inside. The egg drop organized by the folks over at Summit Church at Airline and McArdle. Pastor Luke Brownell said, "the summit church extending our arms and of love and appreciation with this community....and desire to connect the community hopefully connect with the community and bring families together." Officials say 68-hundred people came out to Whataburger Field for Saturday morning's egg drop.