CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Calling all music lovers! The 3rd Annual Corpus Christi Songwriter's Festival took place Sunday, February 16.

The festival promotes and celebrates original music from local musicians and even songwriters from around the country.

Around 50 of them were performing this weekend in downtown Corpus Christi.

Garrett Wieland, the Vice-President of the board behind the festival, invites everyone to head out and take part in the fun.

"Just come in and listen. We find a lot of people that just like haven't had anything like this in town. And so they love it! I don't know how many people come up to us while we're running around and thank us for having this kind of singers songwriters festival. And it's just about hearing really good songs," said Garrett Wieland. 

You still have time to check it out the main event showcase is going on over at the executive surf club in downtown Corpus Christi until about 11 p.m. Sunday tonight.

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