State lawmakers were back in action on Tuesday as the 83rd legislative sessions kicked off. Kiii News Reporter Michael Gibson went Live from the state capitol in Austin with more details.

It was a cold and wet day in Austin, but inside of the state capitol, things were heating up as the house chamber was packed with family, friends and well-wishers of the state representatives who were sworn into office.

Among the sea of people, our cameras were able to spot District 32 State Rep. Todd Hunter, District 34 State Rep. Abel Herrero and District 43 State Rep. J.M. Lozano.

"Everybody and their families are here, and everyone is excited to get back to work<" lozano="" said.="" "it's="" just="" a="" great="">

Eventually, all the house members took their oath of office. Then it was time to elect a speaker. It was a two-man race until Longview Representative David Simpson bowed out.

"On the advice of my colleagues, I withdraw from the nomination," Simpson said.

That left San Antonio's Joe Straus as the only candidate left standing.

"I am humbled by your support," Straus said. "I'm humbled by the confidence you place in me, and I am happy to serve as your speaker once again."

This 83rd legislature is looking at public school funding and our state's water supply as two of the main issues they hope to solve.