CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Saint Patrick's Day is Sunday but on Saturday there will a big celebration at Cassidy's Irish Pub in Corpus Christi.

On Saturday morning the streets will be full of music, beer, food, and art.

The Saint Patrick's Day celebration will start on Peoples and North Waters Street and will go until Mesquite and two blocks of Chaparral. At the event, there will be four stages: two inside and out, 16 bands, and 12 food trucks. There will also be over 30 art vendors selling locally handcrafted art.

Every year Saint Patrick's Day is a very anticipated festival in Corpus Christi.

According to Cassidy Pub owner they Mike Treiber, they have had to expand the celebration at least four times in the past eight years.

"It's spring break and its St. Patrick's Day it's time to celebrate and have a good time, but it's also because we've had good support from the community, they come out in masses every year. It's gotten bigger every year." Mike Treiber said. 

Besides the 16 bands, Cassidy's Irish Pub will also have Celtic dancers, and drums.

Saint Patrick's Day celebration kicks off at 9 a.m. with a 5K put on by the St. Patricks School and a Shamrock Shuffle.

Admission into the Saint Patrick's Day celebration is free and end at 2 a.m. Sunday.