Animal Care Services seized more than 20 cats from a home in the 3700 block of Kingston Tuesday. The homeowner was in violation of a city ordinance that states the maximum number of a cats or dogs that can be in household is six.

On Wednesday, 3News confirmed that six of those cats have already been euthanized, with more scheduled for the same process. Now, local animal welfare groups are scrambling to save all that they can.

Corpus Christi Police Department Commander Todd Green oversees the City's Animal Care Services shelter. He said many of the cats that were confiscated were suffering through major health issues due to the confined spaces that they were subjected to. He said they are doing their best to adopt out as many of the cats as possible, but a lack of space and the health issues the cats are going through is making it difficult.

The shelter has reached out to several animal welfare organizations around town but they have told them they do not haves the resources to care for the cats right now.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering one of the cats, head to Animal Care Services located at 2626 Holly Road.